Welcome to Linx Employment Tasmania Pty Ltd.

Linx Employment’s team of friendly, dedicated and experienced staff are able to call upon a diverse range of avenues to solve your labour needs.  We have a large database of local and international candidates. We work with agents in Australia and overseas to ensure we engage with workers before they even arrive at their destination in Australia.

Our candidates are carefully screened to ensure they are suitable for your labour needs, whether it be unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled labour solutions you are seeking, the staff at Linx is confident they have the right fit for your business needs.

Our staff are committed to finding the right solutions for our Host Employers and offer a cost effective model to enhance productivity within businesses.

We are the placement experts! We place labour into a variety of  enterprises including potatoes, apples, cherries, pears, berries and carrots, we also have  a range of workers in the meat processing and pack shed spaces.  Our staff are experienced in this sector and understands its competing demands.

Our value proposition to providing an integration to success model, not the traditional set and forget model. We work extensively with our clients and candidates to ensure productivity and efficiency targets are met and our workers are meeting and exceeding earning potential. We provide a motived workforce which makes our clients money!

Labour Hire specialists in Agriculture, Manufacturing, Construction, Events, Meat Processing and specialist Pack Shed we can find the right staff for your requirements whether it be 1 – 500.

Contact us today to discuss your customised labour requirements:  03 6330 2471 email admin@linxemployment.com.au