Linx Employment for Businesses

Linx Employment Tas Pty Ltd specialise in providing all sorts of workers for Tasmanian businesses.

Volume Workers

Linx specialises in delivering large numbers of workers for short or long-term requirements. We have extensive access to both the International and local talent pools and have now been allocated sponsorship rights to access work forces from the Pacific Islands for up to 9 months.  With the Seasonal Workers Program, you now have access to returning workers each 9-month period which eliminates the necessity to continue to train new people into your business.  Please note that if you require Pacific Islanders there is a longer lead in time to arrange as there are immigration and logistics to take into consideration.

Permanent Placement

We can place permanent workers into your environment from a Level 1 entry Labourer to a Senior Manager. We will spend considerable time gaining an understanding of your worksite, your culture and your expectations before presenting you with what we consider to be ideal candidates for interview and final decisioning by you.

Pacific Island Program

This is a new initiative and an extension of the Seasonal Workers Program that was introduced as of 1st July 2018 where you can have a Pacific Islander for up to 3 years working in your business.