About Linx Employment

Linx Employment Tas Pty Ltd was established in February of 2013 with the intent to supply a robust labour workforce option to the Agricultural and Viticultural sector comprising of Local and Overseas workers.  Since this time Linx has expanded into a state-wide company encompassing aquaculture, hospitality, civil construction, and meat processing; to name a few.  Linx prides itself on being robust, innovative, informed and nimble in a labour market that can be challenging and ever evolving with great success to the Client, whether the number to source is 1 or 400.

We have a sound service delivery model that enables us to understand and anticipate the requirements of our Clients and a committed Linx team that work hand in hand with enabling the Clients business to operate successfully regarding their labour strategy.  We remove the angst of recruiting from the employer which in turn allows the employer to focus on their core business instead of becoming a Human Resource manager.  In some instances, an employer will want to retain the payroll obligations themselves but not the responsibility of sourcing the labour talent, Linx are happy to maintain the HR obligations along with all regulatory requirements and any backfilling necessary.  A successful Labour Outsourcing business is not a one size fits all but a specialised service that can be tailored to suit the labour requirements of the individual employer.

As an employer operating in whatever industry, the Linx Team are happy to speak to you regarding your labour requirements and how we can best optimise a cost-effective model to enhance productivity within your business.  Call now and arrange a time for us to discuss your recruitment or volume labour needs, you won’t be disappointed.

Meet the Team

Kim Slater – Managing Director

Kim has over 25 years’ experience in Senior Management in both the corporate and finance sector.  She has Hr / Operations qualifications, and excels in optimising the best outcomes for both Clients and Workers in a workplace environment.  Since starting her own Labour Outsourcing company approximately 5 years ago, she has grown the company so that it now encompasses labour supply to hospitality, printing, agriculture, and seafood processing and has recently expanded to being state wide.  Along with providing labour in peak periods, she has now built permanent recruitment and consulting capability to assist businesses both manage succession planning and performance management capability.  Linx have also secured a Sponsorship Licence for the Seasonal Workers Program which enables them to bring in Seasonal Workers from the Pacific Islands for up to 6 months at a time and allows the workers to return each 6 month period which is a fantastic option for growers and producers who are looking for returning workers each year.

Darren Hill – Director & CFO

Darren has considerable capability in small business and has operated in this arena for most of his working career. He currently has other successful businesses that he operates and is the Operations Manager for Pro Video.  Although this is a very different business for Darren to involve himself in he could see the potential to bring some of his small business experience to a people focused industry.

Suzie Chugg – Operations Manager

Suzie has been working for Linx Employment for the past 5 years as an Operations supervisor and has been an integral part of the Linx leadership team.  Her passion for delivering outstanding service to our Host Employers has enabled Linx to expand into a State-Wide Company.  Her commitment to primary producers and to our workers has grown our reputation as a business that operates from a position of integrity where everyone benefits and enjoys success.  Before Linx Suzie worked in the Banking and Finance sector where she was extremely successful for a period of 13 years.  Her husband has a successful harvesting business which she manages administratively and they have jointly owned both retail and hospitality businesses.  Suzie’s passion, drive and sense of fun make her an asset to the Linx Management Team.  When not working Suzie’s, interest are her family and grandchildren, keeping fit as a personal trainer and entertaining her wide circle of friends.

Tanya Fisher – Office Manager

Tanya Fisher has been employed with Linx Employment for the past 2 years as Office Manager.  Tanya is instrumental in making sure everything in the office runs smoothly daily.  Tanya has a high standard of integrity, exceptional organisational skills and her attention to detail is paramount.  Tanya also assists within our other entities.  Prior to working for Linx, Tanya has worked within pharmacy, finance and the motor industry sectors.  Outside of work, Tanya enjoys spending time with her family and friends, travelling, golf, tennis and horse racing.

Kurtice Harmon – Payroll

Kurtice has been working for Linx Employment for a little over 12 months. She has impressive customer service skills both face to face and over the phone. Her strong attention to detail and willingness to develop within the business has made Kurtice an invaluable part of the Linx family. Her experience in the retail and banking sectors has helped her to process payroll for over 400 employees on an average with ease. Kurtice is now the head of our payroll department and while she is new to this position she has taken it upon herself to further her development in completing Certificate IV Accounting Administration.

Aanchal Kanal – Marketing Officer

Aanchal has been working with Linx part time since November 2017 and has now taken over the role as a Marketing Officer. As a key member of our team, Aanchal works on a range of different marketing and communication channels including supervising tasks related to website pages, digital media, data management, networking and keep abreast of current market trends.

Julia Wever – Project Development

Originally from Sydney, Julia moved to Launceston in 2016 with her young family having visited the Island in early 2016 and falling in love, as many do, for the tranquillity and serenity of Tasmania. Julia has 10 years’ experience in Accounting Administration and Business Management in the food industry back in Sydney.

Born in France, Julia speaks fluent French and shares a passion for food and produce.  Julia works part time for Linx Employment in Project Development and is currently managing Wigwam Camping, a new project that commenced in the summer of 2017/2018 providing accommodation for the cherry-picking season in south Tasmania for over 100 campers for 6 weeks.